Asphalt Shingles



More than 70% of all homes in North America are covered in asphalt roof shingles. This type of roof shingle consists of a fiberglass mat saturated on both sides with hot asphalt. The top surface of the shingle includes a ceramic-coated granule mineral coating that protects the asphalt from UV degradation.

asphalt shingles benefits

Can be adapted to many different angles, shapes, and forms to fit any home.

Can be produced to simulate luxurious architectural styles and often offer an affordable alternative.

Available in a wide range of colors to compliment the look of your home and enhance curb appeal.

Provides fire resistance when installed with a fiberglass mat - Class A fire rating.

Can be installed quickly and easily by a trained professional

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shingles cost

Asphalt shingles offer a cost-effective solution for homeowners due to their long life spans,
versatile designs, and low installation costs.

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asphalt shingles installation

As with any roofing product, performance and longevity are tied directly to proper installation. Our team has many years of experience and expertise installing asphalt roofing, and you can rest assured that any job we do will stand the test of time!

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