Down South Exteriors will perform a virtual property analysis and document any and all storm related damages free of charge.
Down South Exteriors will contact your insurance company directly on your behalf to le a claim and then follow up with you and provide the claim number once it’s done.
Down South Exteriors will meet your insurance representative(adjuster) at your property on the date of inspection(adjustment) to present damages and the case to the adjuster.
Down South Exteriors will work directly with your insurance representative(adjuster) to obtain a fair price for the work that will be done to your property.
Down South Exteriors will provide your insurance representative(adjuster) with an aerial sketch with all measurements of your property at no cost to you.

Once the claim is approved, Down South Exteriors will meet with you to review and discuss your insurance company’s estimate and the scope of work, to make sure all damaged items are covered, and to make

sure that the costs are at an up-to-date industry standard.

Down South Exteriors will review and present the best possible solution and product, to get your property back to the same condition prior to the storm.

Down South Exteriors will schedule and facilitate all work to be completed at an agreed date and per the insurance scope and pricing.

Down South Exteriors will make sure all work was performed to your standards and per contract specications.

Down South Exteriors will nal invoice and send a letter of completion to your insurance company to recover any remaining funds(depreciation) where applicable.
All services are contingent on insurance coverage and approval.
All services are free of charge other than the awarding of the contract.
All deductibles must be met per insurance standards.

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